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Are you interested in learning how to apply eyelash extensions or wanting to Build your business?


We offer Exclusive eyelash extension training courses in both classic and pre made volume, with in person classes held every fortnight. Kristy has over 5 years eyelash extension experience, running her own boutique salons (x2) in Melbourne.  We also hold weekly Zoom Coaching Calls & Support via our Facebook Group.


Kristy is extremely passionate about improving the eyelash extension industry and sharing her abundance of in salon skills with others. Our courses are detailed and structured, with a strong element of practical 1:1 tuition and ongoing mentoring, which the small group format enables.

In our classic eyelash extension training course, you will learn the foundations to successful and safe classic eyelash extension application. You will gain a solid understanding of the theory behind the process, as well as rules for design and styling. Our class sizes are small, with a maximum of 4 students, to allow for plenty of 1:1 practical supervision. You will be given live demonstrations of all aspects of the application process, and work on live models under the close supervision of your trainer.

Included is an extensive kit, packed with everything you will need to get started lashing straight away.  Included in the Foundations Kit are the exact lash types, tweezers and adhesives that are used in our commercial salons to create stunning lashes.

In our Pre Made Volume eyelash extension Master course,  you will learn the advanced technique of volume lash extensions, a rapidly growing trend in the lash industry. Volume Eyelash Extensions use 2-7 of the finest eyelash extensions to make a fan to attach to a single natural lash. When applied correct this method creates an amazing lash set with dense fullness and Fluff.

You will learn how to apply pre made fans with the correct weight for the natural lash,  how to speed up your work, correct adhesive usage and advanced styling. You will also learn the best techniques for retention and how to manage and satisfy your clients expectations.


Business Mentor-ship & Mastermind Programs

Kristy is very passionate about helping other small business owners not just in the Lash industry. Creating a stable foundation not just from a business perspective but a mindset perspective; will create a great Base for your Business. Team Management and Culture is something that we love to create. 

Bring the Values and Planning to your business is a Game Changer. Let us help you create the Business that you are proud of!